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Inbound USA Expat Insurance Plans

Insurance For Inbound Expats to the US

Immigrant Insurance, also called Immigrant Health Insurance, is ideal for new immigrants and expats going to the United States. USA Immigrant Medical Insurance plans are long term plans designed to the special needs of new immigrants and expats (or Green Card holders sponsored by family members) to the US and potential immigrants (H4 & F2 visa holders). US Immigrant Insurance plans cover medical expenses resulting from illness or injuries during their period of coverage.

US Immigrant Insurance plans can offer US coverage for emergency health, general medical, maternity and dental expenses for new immigrants in the United States (USA). Insurance cover is a necessity for the immigrant application process, and must be maintained during your time in the United States. New Immigrants can help reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents or medical emergencies by purchasing US Compliant health insurance.

If you're an immigrant, getting healthcare in the United States may seem complicated. It may also be hard to understand the health insurance requirements, as every state has different regulations. Additional barriers may include difficulty communicating in English, or jobs that don't offer health insurance coverage. These obstacles can prevent many people from getting the healthcare they need but with multilingual staff and payment options available, our US compliant plans are a perfect fit for all.

There are many unique situations for new immigrants and green card holders to the USA that will have an impact on eligibility for various domestic health insurance policies, potentially making it tricky to find the right health insurance for new immigrants that will still provide adequate coverage until you are eligible to enroll in domestic healthcare. If you are a new US immigrant and entering the US for the first time, but living outside of the US and will be visiting the US for a short duration, travel medical insurance will provide you with the temporary coverage you need to stay protected. Choosing a plan that best fits your needs begins with determining your eligibility.

If you have recently received your green card, and will be in coming to the USA, you can consider US Immigrants Health Insurance plans or Short Term USA Health Insurance plan that provides temporary coverage while you travel and settle down in the US.

Thoughts for USA Health Insurance Coverage

Major Compare will help you tailor a plan with benefits to fit your needs

Does your employer offer health insurance coverage?

Consider using the government run Health Insurance Market Place to get affordable local health insurance.

If you're turning 65 and have been lawfull presend for at lest five years, you can apply for Medicare.

Speak to a Major Compare Insruance agent to compare available USA compliant health insurance plans.

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