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Maternity Insurance

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Maternity coverage or insurance coverage for pre and post natal, delivery, and newborn baby care is an essential insurance benefit for those looking to start a new family or to grow their family. With the cost of pregnancy and maternity care always increasing, it is important for women to plan ahead. Purchasing International Health Insurance with maternity coverage will help ease the stress of having to shed thousands of dollars for pre and post natal, delivery and newborn care. Understanding the maternity benefits when choosing an insurance plan will help you experience the best pregnancy possible.

When couples plan on getting pregnant, but didn't expect it would happen so soon they offer find they are unable to get maternity insurance due to the waiting period for maternity benefits. Pregnancy while living abroad can be a beautiful and heart-warming experience, but if you don't plan on how to pay for the associate expenses, it can turn into a negative experience. Purchasing international insurance with maternity coverage is extremely important and it's important to plan ahead 10 to 12 months minimum to ensure you have maternity benefits available.

Women looking to obtain international health insurance with maternity will want to check the benefits of the plans with your Major Compare adviser to ensure that it will cover prenatal and postnatal checkups, newborn care and complications during pregnancy, if needed depending on your country of residence. Most International insurance companies will not accept your application if you are already pregnant so it's important to find a plan that includes maternity care before you become pregnant.

One pressing issue for expat mothers is what will happen if there are complications during pregnancy or delivery, and what costs will be involved with the treatment of those complications. As mentioned previously. Additionally, while many insurance plans will cover complications during pregnancy or delivery, not all plans will cover birth conditions of your new born child. Your adviser will help go over all your maternity benefits before you take out your plan. Every mother wants the best care for her and her child during pregnancy, but obtaining that care without insurance can be extremely expensive. It is important to purchase international insurance with maternity coverage if you want to be covered for medical expenses before, during and after pregnancy. Keep in mind that each plan will differ, and the timing of when you purchase a plan should be determined on the waiting period that works best for you.

Contact us for additional information or a tailored maternity plan or get an online insurance quote to see more maternity benefits which we currently offer in relation to an international maternity insurance policy.

Did you know?

maternity Insurance that works for you

Waiting Periods

Most insurer have a waiting period of 12 month before maternity benefits can be taken, but there are option that are as low as 10 month and others as high as 24 months.

New Born underwriting

Its important to have coverage for your new born child but not all insurers will coverage your baby from day 1 without medical underwriting.

Pre and Post Natal

It's common for Maternity Insurance to offer coverage for pre and post natal and for the delivery. It's import to check if your maternity covers both benefit.

Complications of Pregnancy

Some insurer offer complication of pregnancy even if you do not have full maternity coverage added to your plan.

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