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Individual Health Insurance

Compare Individual Health Insurance

Compare Individual Heath Insurance

If you’re new to a country, in between jobs, or your employer doesn’t provide comprehensive international health insurance, then an Individual Health Insurance Plan is key to protecting your health. We partnered with the top International Health Insurance throughout the world, so all our plans are globally portable, so if you relocate, change employers your coverage can be taken with you. International Health Insurance coverage provides you peace of mind while living, studying or working abroad.

A private Individual Health Insurance plan guarantees you will always have access to the best medical treatment available. We help pick the best insurance plan that is tailored to fit your needs from the top insurers worldwide. Individual Health Insurance plans give you the Freedom to Choice the benefits that fit your personal needs. It's best to speak with a licensed advisors to ensure your plan fully fits your requirements and you have an understanding of all benefits and any possible plan exclusions.

Common Health Insurance Benefits

pick and choice your benefits


Inpatient or hospitalization covers major treatment and emergencies and is the foundation of any Health Insurance Plan, and given the high cost of these types of treatment, is essential to protecting yourself.


Benefits for outpatient treatment covers treatment for minor injuries and illnesses during non hospital admitted visits, adding this option gives you a more comprehensive Health Insurance Plan.


International Insurance plans can offer coverage for those looking to start a family and can pay for pre and post natal care and child birth after a waiting period of 10 to 12 months depending on the insurer.


International Insurance plans can offer dental benefits including routine, complex and/or orthodontic coverage. The most common and cost effective option is coverage for basic and routine dental.


Annual health screenings, or preventative care, is used to help catch any major illness early on. Most insurers offer wellness benefits add ons to their plans if they are not already bundled together.


High end International Insurance Plans may offer vision coverage. Coverage for vision is available to help cover annual eye tests, prescribed spectacles including frames and lenses and/or contact lenses.

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