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Interntional Teacher Insurance

Insurance For Expat Teachers Abroad

Thousands of teachers from around the world take up the exiting task of teaching in a foreign country each year, from core subjects and languages to sports and arts. Most expatriate teachers will receive a basic local emergency insurance from their school or learning center but coverage can be very limited and may contain several sub limits on covered treatment. International Teacher Insurance is a specialized insurance plan for an individual travelling abroad to lecture or teach and teacher insurance plans are a vital part of their preparation for going overseas.

Like all insurance plans offered by MajorCompare.com, our insurance plans for teachers can be tailored to fit your personal situation and needs. We compare the top teacher focused insurance plans, which have been built with teachers in mind, from our 42 insurance partners.

Foreign teachers might spend time in different counties during their overseas teaching careers, with our International Teacher Insurance Plans you have the flexibility to simply take your policy with you if you move to a new assignment in another country. If you’re taking an assignment in a country where healthcare might be limited or not the standards you're use to from your home country. You can rest assure with international emergency repatriation and emergency evacuation that if the unforeseen does occur you will have access to proper treatment.

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