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Group Health Insurance

More and more employees around the world expect benefits packages that include comprehensive health insurance. Whether and expat or immigrant starting over with unfamiliar surroundings or a local employee, your team members will appreciate having their wellbeing looked after. Our advisors work with your management and HR departments from the initial plan design to ongoing enrollment and claims to take the hassle out of your.

If your company is looking for group coverage, to be eligible you’ll generally need to cover a minimum of 2 or more employees.


Insurance providers offer group discounts over individual plans, as the size of the group grows, so does the discount. The savings from adding your employees could help you attracted and retain top talent.


With dedicated account managers you can add new employees quickly and effortlessly. With no contact period for employees you won’t be penalized for removing employees that are no longer with the company.


Groups are generally offered no underwrite for the group under medical history disregarded (MHD) terms, covering your employees’ past medical history. Waiting period waivers can typically be applied also.


Our dedicated claims department is always here, and groups have the benefit including cashless treatment so there is no need to pay up front and to then wait for reimbursement.

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