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Staying Healthy While Working At Home

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Working at home has become increasingly popular, especially with the advances in technology in the past decade. Working remotely has become an attractive benefit to both the employer as well as the employee. Even with the advantages of working at home, there are still some issues you may face regularly. From posture, to bad habits, to no social interaction. There are ways you are able to stay healthy, heres how.

  • Shower and dress as though you are getting ready for work. Some experts believe that wearing clothing (such as your work clothes) affect your characteristics. It will help with boosting the level of productivity. Being able to use this boost has been proven to influence your health and your behaviour, helping control your exercise and weight easier.
  • You should also try to get up and move around for a minimum of once an hour, use a timer, or get up on every new hour on the clock. Do stretches, walk around, and even do light activity such as jumping jacks to get the heart rate going.
    Your metabolism can decrease if you sit for long periods of time, as it may increase the chances of cancer.
  • Replace junk food and drink, and replace the with healthy snacks and drink. When you work from home, you may find that it is more tempting to eat junk food as it is easier to get. Swapping the junk food with healthy alternatives will at least help with lowering that temptation.
  • Keep an eye on how long you work. Having a healthy work-life balance is important, many people have a tendency to overwork themselves. Overworking, such as staying up late, or working during the weekend will increase stress.
    You should keep records of how long you work each day, and keep a consistent time that lets you have time for personal activities.
  • Choosing your chair. Straining your back and your neck is an uncomfortable experience. It may lead to kyphosis (hunched back). A chair will help support you with good posture, giving you a less painful time while working. Get a comfortable chair, but not one that is too comfortable as you might fall asleep!

There are many other ways to keep healthy while at home, from setting up a routine (workouts, lunch times etc), setting up your own separate home office, creating a soothing environment, finding an online community. It is important to keep yourself safe to help you with keeping a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Sharing is caring!

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