How To Prevent The Threats From Cold Weather

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Cold Weather and Their Effect

Living in a country with extreme hot and cold seasons can cause both physical and psychological health issues. Knowing what the common threats from the change in cold weather and finding out how to fix it will help you stay happy and healthy during the cold winter months.


This can be caused by a change in weather, or in barometric pressure. Scientists, have said that although it is not confirmed, says that people with frequent headaches are more sensitive to the changes in the environment.
In order to prevent this, try to minimise any sudden temperature shifts in your routines, try to keep the temperature in your house constant, especially during hot showers, as a sudden shift after getting out will immediately make you cold.


Due to the cooler, dryer outdoor air, and an increase in dust indoors, this increases the chances of asthma.
Having a humidifier is a wise choice to help with providing moisture to the dry air during a dryer season.


With less sunlight, and more time to eat and drink, spending more time alone, this may contribute to depression.
To help prevent this, try keeping disciplined in what you eat and drink, be outside and meet with your friends and family regularly. Find activities you may enjoy during the winter.

Dry Skin

During colder, dryer weather, anyone who is susceptible to dry skin will lose moisture from the dry air. Hot showers may also contribute to this.
Start by drinking a proper amount of water every day to help keep you hydrated. Eating raw vegetables with high water content, such as celery will also help you. Externally, you can change to moisturizers that are not irritating, such as coconut oil. Finally, lowering the heat of the showers will help you as extremely hot showers damage your hair and skin.

Cardiovascular Stress

A change to colder temperature can reduce blood flow to the heart, this increases the blood pressure, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Even if you do not have any cardiovascular issues, you should take care during colder weather due to the physical stress your body goes through.
Dressing for the cold will help with combating this issue, layering with clothes allows you to retain more heat.


Your body will be in more of a risk during the cold weather because of a dampened immune system. Germs will live longer in a colder, drier environment, meaning it is much easier to pass along germs.
The way to combat sickness is to have a balanced, healthy diet with vegetables and fruits, as well as a lowered intake of preserved or sugary foods. Make sure you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals too such as vitamin C.

If you do get sick, you should contact your doctor to help overcome the sickness as quickly as possible. Here at Major Compare, we can help you easily!

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