Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking

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Public speaking for the majority of people is a task made from nightmares. But with a few helpful and handy hints, you will be given the ability to be more confident in tackling the fear in speaking in public.

You will be able to build confidence in doing important speeches for a wide variety of scenarios, from business meetings, to classroom presentations. This confidence will give you the upper hand as many people take a more organised and confident individual more seriously.

Preparation for speaking

  • There are only a handful of people who can improvise their speech, but for the majority of people who take part in speaking, this is not the case. In order to overcome your fear in speaking, is to know the exact points in which you want to address. This will help with understanding what you need to say and how to say it, without having to add in unnecessary words.

Using cue cards and key words

  • You will want to avoid writing your entire speech onto cue cards, this is because reading out your speech can get boring and your listeners may fall asleep! Instead, allow key words to trigger different things you have prepared to say.

Find confidence in yourself

  • After preparing your speech and finding cue cards, don’t let yourself think you can’t do it! You’ll need the self-confidence. This will reflect well during your speech and your listeners will definitely see the difference.

Relaxing before and during the speech

  • Learn and use different breathing techniques to help calm your body physically and mentally. Finding a good ritual before a speech, especially if its an important one, or if theres a large audience.


  • This goes along with point three and four. Smiling puts you in a more relaxed and confident position. Not only this, but if an audience sees a smiling speaker, they will be more engaged and willing to listen to all of your points.

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