Misconceptions of The Top Ten Common “Health” Foods

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When it comes to health, you will find out that there are a lot of different tips and tricks floating around the internet. Knowing which tips and tricks are healthy for you, will help you live a happier life.

You May Have Been Tricked By These “Health” Foods!

10. Margarine – Filled with chemicals and artificial flavouring, margarine has tricked us into thinking it is a better alternative to butter. The margarine you find in the shops contain high amounts of transfats. This type of fat is linked with heart disease as well as an increase in blood pressure.

9. Rice Crackers – 80% of the weight of this snack is carbohydrates, this makes it it an incredibly carb dense food, compared to a small potato with 23% carbohydrates.

8. Micro-waved popcorn – Natural popcorn has been a very good substitute to unhealthy snacks such as chocolate or crisps. However, micro-waved popcorn has chemicals linked to an increase in cholesterol, infertility, and immune deficiencies.

7. Packaged Turkey – The Turkey you may find in ready-made sandwiches, contains an incredibly high amount of sodium. This increases the risk of a stroke, heart failure and other serious health conditions.

6. Ready-Made Muesli – You may find that the ready-made muesli that are targeted to health-minded individuals. You can make a healthier alternative by making your own muesli from oats, nuts, and dried fruits, this is because the packaged muesli you find is packed with incredibly unhealthy extras such as added sugar and high amounts of fat.

The Top 5 “Health” Food Misconceptions.

5. The common issue with fruit juice is the addition of a high amount of artificial flavouring, high fructose corn syrup, or sugar. While the actual fruit is normally never the main ingredient, going for a fresh squeeze fruit juice, this may be the healthier option.

4. Energy Bars – These are designed as a snack for athletes after their workout, and as you may think that because it is an energy bar, it is filled with key items needed to fuel ourselves. This is in fact the opposite for non athletes as it is filled with processed chemicals and processed sugar. The calories that come with energy bars are seriously high.

3. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter – Buying regular peanut butter may be a better choice than buying reduced fat peanut butter. This is because many products that have the ‘reduced fat’ label, has fat replaced by high levels of sugar, making a small difference in the amount of calories between them.

2. Artificial Sweeteners – Another substitute that has tricked many people, artificial sweeteners are used to replace sugar in many items such as coffee, or fizzy drinks. The issue here is that artificial sweeteners have been found to increase chances of diabetes as well as kidney damage.

1. Vegetable Oils – There has been a considerable change in the production processes of vegetable oils. It is important for you to understand that many companies use dangerous chemicals to be able to extract more oils, making it incredibly unhealthy and dangerous to your health.

Creating Good Habits

You will need to make informed decisions and create good habits help with your health.

You will need to:

  • – Read nutrition labels on any new food you try.
  • – Have health check ups.
  • – Use the internet, books, and ask professionals to research the foods you eat.
  • – Read the news on anything about food trends.
  • – Research about new food trends before trying it out, this is so that you know what you’ll be doing and what the desired outcomes are.

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