Family Night Activities that Get You Moving

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Let’s bring family night back!  If you are looking for ways to bring your family closer together and create life long memories, family nights are where it’s at.  There are so many wonderful benefits of introducing this tradition with your family.  Not only does this improve communication between you and your children, it also helps with their problem solving skills as well as their social skills.  Families who have consistent family nights generally see their children with higher grades, they get in less trouble and are more likely to keep this tradition with their own families when they are older.  While family game nights are fun, it’s time to get moving.  With winter blues settling in, it is easy to feel a bit stir crazy.  What a better way to break away from this than to do activities that get you moving.

Here is a list of family night activities that will get you and your family up and moving:

Family Olympics

It is almost as fun to think of events than to do the events for your very own family Olympics.  Some ideas can include taking buckets and having a ball toss, a tennis tournament with blow up balloons and a fly swatter as a racket or indoor bowling with empty plastic bottles.  There are so many creative ideas to think of for events that you can do indoors.  Make it a super fun event by having an opening ceremony and making metals to pass out to the winners.

Neighborhood Scavenger hunt

A fun way to get out of the house is to do a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood.  Make a list of all the things you need to find.  This can be a garden gnome, a red front door, basketball hoop or a large dog.  The list can be endless.  Everyone can break up into teams to find everything on their list.  This first team to complete the list wins!

Be pretend tourists

It’s funny how you can live somewhere your whole life and never really know all the things your city has to offer.  You and your family can pretend to be tourists.  Look up the tourist “must sees” recommended and landmarks in your city and visit them.  You and your family may be surprise to find all the neat things in your city that you never knew existed.




Learn a new outdoor sport

It is never too late to learn something new!  A great activity to do with you and your family is to pick an outdoor sport that you would like to learn together as a family.  In the winter it can be ice skating, skiing or snowboarding.  During the warmer months you can choose sports like learning how to play tennis or golf.  Who knows?  Someone may end up finding something that they really passionate about and are pretty good at!


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