Expat Healthcare Costs NHS 674 Million GBP Per Year

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Official research has found that British expat pensioners who live in the EU benefit considerably more with the healthcare given to them by the European Governments. EU expats living in the UK however do not benefit the same by the National Health Service. There are however more British Expats living in Europe than EU citizens living in the UK.

What Are The Number Of Expats Benefiting from the EHIC?

There are 145,000 British Expat Pensioners who have signed up to receive European Health insurance Cards that give them free or discounted treatment in the EEA (European Economic Area).

Only 4000 pensioners from the EEA have registered for the same service with the NHS in the UK.

The agreement offered by the EHIC system allows government in the UK government and other EU governments to bill the NHS to treat British expats, as well as vice versa.

Spain and the UK have the biggest difference in this system. 70,000 British expats are allowed to be treated in Spain, when there are only 81 from Spain that are registered in the UK.

There are also huge gaps in the amount of expats who have registered with EHIC in other countries such as France and Cyprus.

Only 201 French retired expats in the UK that benefit from the NHS. However, 43,000 British citizens who benefit from the French Healthcare system.

12,000 British expats are eligible for treatment in Cyprus. Only 2 to 3 Cypriots are given treatment under the NHS

What Will Happen To The NHS?

Treatments under EHIC cost the UK 674 million GBP per year. The NHS only claims 50 million GBP from the services under the EEA.

Prime Minister Theresa May explains the objectives of her Brexit plan. If Britain does stay in the EEA, the agreements between governments on healthcare should stay.

If the UK does leave the EEA, the governments will have to negotiate the agreements.


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