The Alkaline Diet: Should You Try It?

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Otherwise known as the alkaline ash diet, or the alkaline acid diet is a popular Hollywood celebrity diet.

The main diet is believed to help you with losing weight and lowering the chances of arthritis as well as cancer.

The diet’s theory is that certain foods, which include meat, wheat, refined sugar, as well as processed foods, creates an unhealthy production of acid in your body.

Certain foods will promote a more alkaline body, protecting you against specific conditions while losing weight.

What Are You Allowed To Eat On The Alkaline Diet?

Having fruits & vegetables, as well as soybeans, tofu, certain types of nuts, seeds, and legumes are allowed in this diet, promoting the reduction of the acid production in your body. The foods you are not allowed to consume include, dairy products, eggs, meats, certain types of grains, and all processed foods. Some alkaline diet routines tell may also tell you to avoid alcohol and caffeine products.

How Hard Is The Alkaline Diet?

You may find it difficult at first, especially if you dive in immediately and cut all the food you are used to having everyday. It will be easier to ease into this diet, cutting out certain foods slowly. It will still be incredibly hard to not have certain foods, but it is not impossible.

Does The Diet Actually Work?

The main selling point of the diet is that you are able to maintain the pH levels in your blood. The issue however, is that your body by itself regulates the pH levels in your blood. What you eat will not change the pH levels, even if some alkaline dieters say so.

This doesn’t mean that following the strict rules of an alkaline diet won’t benefit you though. You will see a healthy weight loss. This is because you are eating more fruits and vegetables instead of the caloric dense foods

You will also benefit from this diet as the food you eat will lower your chances of getting kidney stones. It will also improve your cardiovascular health, and lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Although the main focus of the diet cannot be fulfilled when you follow the diet, you’ll still see health benefits. If you do believe you need to lower a high caloric food intake for weight loss, you may want to consider this diet, or other low calorie diets.

Following the alkaline diet may not be suitable for some individuals, especially if there are certain dietary requirements you follow. You may find it challenging to follow a strict diet when working a high intensity labour job (such as construction).

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